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Serving Rochester, East Rochester, & Gonic For Bat And Flying Squirrel Removal From Attics. We Service Zip Codes 03839, 03866, 03867, 03868.

Rochester New Hampshire Bat Removal

A common wildlife call we get from Rochester NH is a problem with bats or flying squirrels. Both of these mammals tend to colonize in attic areas of a home, although they can be found in the soffit areas as well, chimneys and sometimes they even end up in a basement. A bat flying around the house at 2 am is usually an unforgettable experience!

We are a family-owned business based out of New Hampshire and have 26+ years dealing with bats and flying squirrels. We do not do “bug work ” but specialize in wildlife control.

The solution to getting these critters out of the home is a process called live exclusion. What we do is fix the exterior of the home in the areas these creatures can slip through, and on their main exit areas we put up one-way doors that let them safely escape to the outside but not be able to return back inside.

Also Written Contracts Generally Come With A 1-Year Warranty, Sometimes More Or Less Depending On The Size & Conditions Of The Building.
The cost of the service will vary from home to home as the features and conditions of each house will be different. Requiring less or more work, case dependent. We first inspect the home to determine the extent of the infestation and then look at the exterior to see what’s needed to keep these critters out.

We also provide a cleanup service for the animal waste that’s left behind.

Please give us a call at New Hampshire Bat Control to schedule an appointment for your Rochester NH home bat problems.

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Rochester NH Bat Removal At New Hampshire Bat Control removes bats from homes throughout Rochester, East Rochester, & Gonic. All your bat exclusion and bat removal needs can be found here at New Hampshire Bat Control.


  1. We always perform live bat exclusions. This means bats are humanely removed and alive.
  2. Killing bats is against the law and we won’t break the law. Plus, we don’t believe in killing bats.
  3. We do not relocate any bats.
  4. During maternity season we will not remove bats. This may lead to the death of the pups.
  5. We guarantee we will seal all entry points into the building.
  6. Our attic restoration pros offer their services at every job.
  7. We carry all New Hampshire licenses as well as insurance.

Rochester NH Bat Removal Always Removes Bats Humanely

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8 Species Of Bats Live In New Hampshire And Latest Scientific Information Indicates Substantial Concern About These Species
The 8 Species Are The Big Brown Bat, Eastern Red Bat, Eastern Small-Footed Bat (State Endangered), Hoary Bat, Little Brown Bat (State Endangered), Northern Long-Eared Bat (Federally Threatened And State Endangered), Silver-Haired Bat, and Tricolored Bat(State Endangered)

Providing Legal & Effective Bat & Flying Squirrel Removal Solutions

Through our knowledge and experience, we provide legal & effective solutions for homeowners with an infestation of Bats or Northern Flying Squirrels. Also, as Bat and Flying Squirrel Exclusion Specialists, we provide permanent solutions, our ultimate goal,  for our customers.

Bats exclusions and Flying squirrel exclusions are relatively similar processes. The work involves locating the main entry spots and installing one-way doors over the exposed entries. Basically, the One Way Doors allow the bats or flyers an escape route through those spots. Consequently, when the bats return, they cannot regain access, becoming excluded. However, all other parts of the home must be sealed as well to prevent re-entry. Using this approach is the only way to perform the job with a warranty included.

New Hampshire Bat Removal Provides Bat Control and Flying Squirrel Control Service For The Following New Hampshire Cities

Rochester, Amherst, Seabrook, Barrington, Swanzey, Weare, Derry, Durham, Exeter, Franklin, Gilford, Hampstead, Atkinson, Somersworth, Belmont, Hanover, Salem, Goffstown, Dover, Hollis, Hudson, Stratham, Bedford, Windham, Kingston, Lebanon, Litchfield, Claremont, Londonderry, Bow, Milford, Concord, Manchester, Berlin, Hampton, Merrimack, Laconia, Nashua, Pelham, Pembroke, Plaistow, Portsmouth, Rindge, Keene, Hopkinton, Bedford, Dairy, Alton, Wolfeboro, Moulton, Rockingham, and Northhampton.

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