The Leader In Bat Control & Flying Squirrel Eviction

New Hampshire Attic Restoration By New Hampshire Bat Control

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25+ Years Of Experience Serving The Entire Granite State

The Leader In Bat Control & Flying Squirrel Eviction

New Hampshire Attic Restoration By New Hampshire Bat Control

Bat Flying Squirrel Exclusion Graphic Logo for New Hampshire Bat Control

25+ Years Of Experience Serving The Entire Granite State

New Hampshire Attic Problems

Attics areas are the homes of choice for many bats and flying squirrels in New Hampshire. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get these critters potty trained! We encounter many homes that have accumulated animal waste and urine-soaked into the insulation. The odors encountered sometimes are obvious even in the living spaces of the home as well as in the attic. Bats leave a musty odor inflamed by warmer weather. Also, flying squirrels have the habit of urinating and shedding their pellets in the same spot. We refer to these areas as latrines.

The majority of the bat guano and flying squirrel waste is on the surface of the insulation. But we also find the waste under the insulation from the critters burrowing through.

Attic Restoration May Be Covered Under Your Insurance. Depending On Your Company, They May Offer Individual Coverage Insurance For Various Wildlife Issues.

Flying Squirrels and Raccoons can be other animals that take up residence in a home and are particularly damaging to an attic. They will also compact the insulation to a point the insulation value is greatly diminished resulting in much higher utility bills.

There are human disease vectors associated with the waste from these critters so it must be handled properly by getting your attic restored.

As always, our goal is your safety and satisfaction. New Hampshire Bat Removal does quality work. Plus we’ll fit your schedule. Also, feel free to go on vacation if you wish while we do the job

Our New Hampshire Attic Restoration team arrives on time and finishes our job based on the time schedule given to you. Contact Our Attic Restoration Team and make an appointment. You’ll be glad you did

We Serve All New Hampshire Cities And Towns For Attic Restoration Including Concord, Manchester, Portsmouth, Nashua, Dover, Rochester, Hampton, Conway, And Laconia

And remember, we are the number 1 bat and northern flying squirrel exclusion company in New Hampshire. Being number one, we will service your problem with competitive rates & high-quality materials.

What You Get With New Hampshire Bat Control Attic Restoration Cleaning

  • A clean, dust-free attic
  • Removal of strong, unpleasant odors caused by dead wildlife and their droppings
  • Expert service by licensed professionals
  • Insights for maintaining your attic
  • Removal of soiled insulation and installation of new insulation
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A colony of bats left a terrible mess that New Hampshire Bat Control cleaned up.  We removed the soiled insulation and guano, and sanitized the area. Finally, we installed new insulation. Another job was well-done!

The Solution To Your Attic Problems

Once the offending animals are excluded and cannot gain entry into the attic again, this is the time to remove the contaminated insulation and start fresh again. In this process, all the soiled insulation and animal waste are removed from the attic. Sometimes it is necessary to sand or scrape some of the wood roof rafters that have been exposed to the waste and urine.

Before the new insulation is installed the entire attic is sanitized and deodorized. This step is an important one in order to take care of any lingering pathogens, parasites, or odors left behind by the previous wildlife tenants. By eliminating these odors the critters outside are not attracted to come inside to find the source of the smells.

The last step is to install the fresh insulation up to the building code.

What Are The Advantages Of Having An Attic Restoration?

Well, there are immediate benefits and long term ones as well. In the short term, odors that were a problem no longer pose an issue. The house Is healthier as a whole by not having contaminated insulation harboring pathogens and animal feces. The new insulation will make the house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, sometimes substantially reducing the monthly utility bill.

At some point, the house will likely change homeowners. Most new prospective home buyers will want a home inspection done before purchasing a property. It is then which the animal waste may be discovered by the home inspector and become a point of contention on the sale of the home. By having an attic restoration done, it will increase the value and desirability of a home.

Will My Homeowners Insurance Pay For My Attic Cleanup And Restoration?

Well, it depends – many homeowner’s insurance policies will cover the cleanup of bat waste and damaged insulation. Most insurance policies will have a rodent exclusion clause in them but bats and raccoons are not considered rodents.

Homeowners Insurance can be confusing because of the contract language. Also, the amount of information can be exhausting. Additionally, there are so many questions to ask before you even buy your insurance. Which policy should I choose? What things all covered? What about the price? Which insurance company should I choose in case I have wildlife issues?

Give us a call at (603) 217-2294 and we can do an inspection and evaluate your particular situation and help with the insurance claim process. Some folks just want this problem taken care of and pay for it out of pocket as well.

Please remove bat guano from your attic! You can get a disease called histoplasmosis, a disease you can get from exposure to bat feces. You can catch this disease by inhaling the spores of the histoplasma capsulatum fungus.

Once you know you have bats in your attic you must get them out. You need a professional assessment from New Hampshire Bat Control. 


To get bats out we use a quality product called The Bat Valve. This product is the #1 Bat Exclusion Device and the humane way we remove bats from buildings.

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Our attic cleanup and sanitaion crew perform exceptional work. You attic will be free of odors and completely sanitized.

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Once we remove the bats, the feces, and the soiled materials we sanitize then reinsulate. You now have an attic that smells fresh, looks new and insulates better than ever before.

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New Hampshire Bat Removal Provides Bat Control and Flying Squirrel Control Service For The Following New Hampshire Cities

Rochester, Amherst, Seabrook, Barrington, Swanzey, Weare, Derry, Durham, Exeter, Franklin, Gilford, Hampstead, Atkinson, Somersworth, Belmont, Hanover, Salem, Goffstown, Dover, Hollis, Hudson, Stratham, Bedford, Windham, Kingston, Lebanon, Litchfield, Claremont, Londonderry, Bow, Milford, Concord, Manchester, Berlin, Hampton, Merrimack, Laconia, Nashua, Pelham, Pembroke, Plaistow, Portsmouth, Rindge, Keene, Hopkinton, Bedford, Dairy, Alton, Wolfeboro, Moulton, Rockingham, and Northhampton.

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